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Kweh! Kweh kweh! Kweh kweh heh heh - Sazh Katzroy

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"It’s a pickle alright. But the bird… the bird says no."

~ Sazh Katzroy, Final Fantasy XIII (via witapipe)
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I reaallly wanna make nice GIFS for you guys of the new trailer, but alas, my computer probably won’t be ready + paid for until around the start of September. 

Which, btw, did it break anybody else’s heart to see what happened to Sazh and Dajh in LR so far? I was really upset.

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What have I done?

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By noodlehead

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Me too, Sazh. Me too.

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無題 | heppoco [pixiv]

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We’ve joined ffdirectory!

This blog is a directory of Final Fantasy related blogs! If you need some to follow, check the blog out!

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